Giving hope for a better future to those in need.

About Us

Our Mission

To develop and fund projects for the marginalized that address needs of homelessness, hunger, poverty, and education in the Philippines.

Our Vision

To create a better future by giving hope and opportunities to those who are trapped by poverty and circumstances beyond their control.

Our Areas of Involvement

Areas of

As we launch Favor Care in the Philippines, we are taking the opportunity to help meet immediate needs that are right before us now. We are passionate about our existing areas of focus. This will only grow as we establish and fund more projects that are within the scope of our vision.

Favor Care is partnering with Redemptio Christian School to provide quality education and educational resources for kids in an urban poor community. Through educational opportunities for these kids, we can help improve their well-being, build their self-esteem, and stir hope for a bright future.

“What’s in store for me once I have freedom?” is a question that haunts those awaiting release from prison. Favor Care is there to assist women from the Correctional Institution for Women in Mandaluyong through livelihood opportunities and other forms of support to help them in their journey back to society.
We are committed to provide a quick and prompt response to natural disaster victims through different relief and rehab projects to mitigate the impact of the disasters. More importantly, victims will be encouraged to have a positive outlook as they slowly rebuild their lives.

Redemptio is joining the Favor Family

Redemptio is joining
the Favor Family

During Favor Church’s Legacy Offering 2022, we announced Favor Care’s partnership with Redemptio Christian School based in Taytay, Rizal. We believe that we can change a generation and a nation through education. As an organization, we believe that we can help break dysfunctional patterns and poverty mentality, and create a brighter future for our nation’s youth and their families. We’ve always been passionate about providing quality Christian education for those who can’t afford it, and now, we’re taking our commitment to new levels.

Interested to become part of the
Favor Care Team?

to become
part of the
Favor Care Team?

Interested to become part of the Favor Care Team? Let us know!

Save the date for our Interest Night on February 12, 2023! More details to follow soon.

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